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Welcome to the downloads section! while not all of our games will be played with mods some will be play unmodded (though some mods are so beast you can't live without them)


So here's some of the mods and programs we use:



Hamachi(needed to play with group)

Nuclear Death(Command&Conquer Generals)

Shockwave 1.1

Open Coop(Doom 3)

High Resolution mod(ALL Dawn of War games)

Hawks Divided Nation(American Conquest: divided Nation)

Understorm(RA2/YR/Tibsun) required to play those games with group

Understorm#2(RA1/C&C) required to play those games with group

No fleet Tax(Sins of a Solar Empire)




 Downloadable Games:

Note: Games that are available for download are NOT torrents, these games have lost all rights due to expiration on Copyright and/or released to public, therefore they have been made into "freeware" anyone can download anywhere.

Space Hulk

Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War

 Entropia Universe

Army Men II



  (instruction for downloading Space Hulk: click on the first link, it will take you to Strategy Informer, then click on "Alien Assault v1.02" downlaod, then extract to a folder you wish)

preferably new folder with the name "Space Hulk"


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